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My Schools
Thursday, Jun 24, 2004, 10:18 PM
Little Lamb
My first school! I passed the acceleration exams here and didn't have to attend Nursery and Kinder 2 anymore. Yipee!

Kinder 1 (SY 1998-1999)
* Adviser: Teacher Joy Corpuz

Preparatory (SY 1999-2000)
* Adviser: Teacher Carol Balbon
* Valedictorian

Holy Family School
HFS is an exclusive school for girls with a long-running tradition of academic excellence.

Grade 1 (SY 2000-2001)
* Section: Masunurin
* Adviser: Ms. Sylvia Rosete
* Math and Earth Savers Club member
* Moderator: Ms. Josefina Valentin
* Overall Top 1 for the entire grade level

The Learning Tree Child Growth Center
Tito Mari and Tita Enchang (Kaimo) thought I might enjoy it here. TLT is a non-traditional school, much like Professor Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

Grade 2 (SY 2001-2002)
* Section: Ipil-Ipil
* Adviser: Teacher Pilar Rivera
* Directress' Lister

Grade 3 (SY 2002-2003)
* Section: Mulawin
* Adviser: Teacher Wendy Torres
* Directress' Lister

Holy Family School
Change of address. Back to HFS!

Grade 4 (SY 2003-2004)
* Section: Mahinahon
* Adviser: Mrs. Erlin Magayam
* Young Writers Club member
* Club Moderator: Ms. Susan Jadulos
* Young Writers Club Business Manager
* Junior Familian Feature Writer
* 1st WCCI Peace Congress delegate
* Overall Top 1 for the entire grade level

Grade 5 (SY 2004-2005)
* Star Section (Katarungan) member
* Advisers: Ms. Constancia Hipolito, Ms. Cristina Cariazo
* Young Writers Club member
* Club Moderator: Mrs. Susan (Jadulos) Zamora
* Young Writers Club PRO
* Junior Familian Editor-in-Chief (Junior)
* Christian Leadership Seminar school representative
* Students' Congress delegate
* Overall Top 1 for the entire grade level

Grade 6 (SY 2005-2006)
* Star Section (Kababaang-Loob) member
* Adviser: Mrs. Angelina Rombaoa
* Young Writers Club member
* Club Moderator: Mrs. Teresita Surot
* Young Writers Club President
* Junior Familian Editor-in-Chief
* Overall Top 1 for the entire grade level (1st semester)
* Valedictorian

High School

1st Year
(SY 2006-2007)
* Section: Bethany
* Adviser: Ms. Julie Junto, Ms. Maricar Gacela
* Dulaang Salamisim Club Member
* Club Moderator: Mrs. Dulce Geronimo

2nd Year (SY 2007-2008)
* Section: Jericho
* Adviser: Ms. Hannah Jean Ingente
* Campus Ministry Club Member
* Club Moderator: Sr. Jennifer D. Uy

3rd Year (SY 2008-2009)
* Section: Cana
* Adviser: Mrs. Lealyn F. Fetalvero
* Synectics Club Member
* Club Moderator: Ms. Zoraida A. Balderama

4th Year (SY 2009-2010)
* Section: Nazareth
* Adviser: Ms. Hannah Jean Ingente
* Dulaang Salamisim (Theatre) Club Member
* Club Moderator: Ms. Josephine Maano
* Editor-in-Chief of The Familian Editorial Staff
* CAT Officer
* Valedictorian


Ateneo de Manila University
* 100% Scholarship on Tuition and Other Fees
* BS Chemistry with Materials Science and Engineering (2010-2012)
* BS Management of Applied Chemistry (2012-present)
Friday, Nov 3, 2006, 7:16 PM
Ahh, yes. The 1st WCCI Peace Congress. Your post brings back BAD BAD BAD memories.

The Christian Leadership Seminar. Hahahaha!

And the Students' Congress. Hmmm. Waahaha.

I was naive.
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