Welcome to my blog! My name is Psylocke Gaffud Antonio. I am 24 years, 4 months, 2 weeks, 4 days, 8 hours, 57 minutes, 23 seconds old (whew!) and I have a great mom, a cool dad, and a cute sister. I learned HTML & JavaScript when I was 7 years old and have been coding stuff ever since. I'm now building my PHP skills by helping develop MAJ, the software that powers this blog.

Oops, click here if you are looking for sites about Elisabeth "Betsy" Braddock AKA Psylocke, the X-Men's "Asian by way of Britain" telepath whom I was named after. Otherwise, enjoy!
Christmas Countdown

95 days before Christmas!
Special Request
Friday, Dec 17, 2004, 9:55 PM
Today is the first day of our fair. Whenever our school holds a fair, different booths are put up by the high school students. All of the booths allow anybody to pay them for the seizure of a person. Upon special request, they can capture the target person anywhere.

I was bored during the fair so I went upstairs. My classmate and I saw an iguana downstairs so we went down. While we were looking for the iguana, three high school pupils approached me and asked, "Are you Psylocke?" Before I could reply, one of them looked at my I.D. and seized me with her belt. "Special request." I looked at my friend. She asked my captor who paid for my seizure. The high school student said, "I can't tell you because she will get angry. But she's also a grade 5 student who is not from your section." My friend also asked her what my consequence would be. The first year student told me that I'd have to dress funny clothes, wait for someone else to be captured, and talk to her/him like in a date. I said, "No. I don't want to." So, the girl told me that I can pay them instead for my release. I didn't have money anymore so I kept asking everyone I know if they could bail me out. The high school student who captured me asked her companion to keep an eye on me. Then, that other student asked another companion to watch over me while I tried to borrow money. A batchmate looked at me and said, "Escape!" Of course I couldn't with the belt around my neck (Were they trying to kill me? They were supposed to put the belt around the waist!). The last one to watch me said, "Hey, as my Christmas gift for you, I will let you go. You are taking so long." After my release, I ran as fast as I could to my classroom!!! I will make sure that this will never happen again!