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Educational Trip in Clark, Pampanga
Friday, Jul 29, 2005, 7:30 PM
Just came back from an exhausting field trip...

After a 2-hour bus trip, we finally reached our first destination.

We waited for 30 minutes for our turn to listen to a pilot's discussion on how an airplane works. Unfortunately, not much information was given to us here - the pilot just gave a 2-minute talk

Next, we went to the museums in Clark where the skills of Pampanguenos in making crafts were showcased.

Clark Museum and Hawang Ayta Museum
We watched a filmclip about the history of Clark, Pampanga here. We also saw some crafts and sculptures made by the Pampanguenos.

The most awaited...

Fontana Water Park
Finally!!! We swam in the Fontana Water Park for an hour. I tried the slide for the small kids first. Afterwhich, I tried the Giant Slide 3 times with my friends. Then, we went to the Lazy River where the current was so strong that we did not need to exert any effort to move. Last but not the least, we went to the wave pool which generated waves. We really had a good time here (though the prices of the food and drinks were killers!)


Puregold Duty Free
We went shopping here. I can't say that they sold items at low prices because when you convert the dollars to pesos, it's very expensive.

Anyway, it was a tiring but nice day!!!