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Keepin' It Real
Thursday, Aug 18, 2005, 6:27 PM
Some people always fail to erase their negative attitudes. Though they ask others which of their attitudes are often disliked, they never listen and change. They keep on defending themselves. Everytime I see myself having close encounters with such kind, this quote would run in my head: "Why seek the truth when you are not willing to accept it?". These people ask for the truth about their attitude but never really accept it.

Backbiters never fail to ruin my day. They say that they've changed their attitudes and want to be friends with me again, but smile at them for a minute and they'll get right back to work. They'll tell others that you are full of pride or that you're superficial. Same old, same old. You really can't stop scorpions from stinging others. It's their nature.

Though it's hard to be with them, I always try not to be influenced by them. So should you. Stand tall with integrity. You'll surely outshine them.