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Not a Funny Lising
Tuesday, Feb 21, 2006, 5:30 PM
I was mortified when I found out that my uncle was brought to the Veterans Memorial Medical Center today due to an untolerable pain in his stomach.

When my uncle (together with my parents, sister and grandmother) reached the hospital, he was made to wait on a wheelchair. My mom approached a certain Dr. Lising and asked if he may accommodate them since nobody paid attention to them even though there was no emergency rush. This man asked what the problem was, to which my mom replied that my uncle is suffering from extreme stomach pain. The reply of this doctor made my mom upset. He said that he has knowledge about my uncle's condition and that it is no emergency. According to him, my mom should fill out a form first. When asked where to get forms, he simply pointed his finger to his left without even uttering a word. My mom just tried to guess where the place he was pertaining to, for time was running and my uncle was already experiencing great pain. What she saw was a counter with a pile paper on one side. Figuring out that it was the pile of forms, she got a piece from the pile. Next problem was that she had no pen and that there was none provided at that area. So she just borrowed from the woman who was there on the counter and filled up the form. Then, not knowing where to return the form because nobody was there to assist her, she went back to Dr. Lising and gave him the form. Guess what he said? He is a surgeon so he still won't be able to help them. Furthermore, he said that the doctor in charge of stomach pain patients was still busy so they still have to wait. This was not the first time that this Lising did this to my uncle. A few years back, he also failed to accommodate them properly. Disgusting? Yeah.

Everything was finally fixed when my grandma's sister-in-law, who works there, helped them with the accommodation of my uncle in the Emergency Room.

At last, everything's fine. But not with you Dr. Lising. Not with you.