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Christmas Countdown

95 days before Christmas!
Saturday, Apr 29, 2006, 8:15 PM
We drove home windows down tonight, for the cool breeze outside felt very pleasant.

We were happily chatting as we patiently waited for the green light on the stoplight when suddenly, a poor, homeless boy approached my father and asked for some money. My father said "no" because most street children like this boy often abuse people's generosity, and because according to DSWD, asking for alms is illegal. To our surprise, the boy suddenly shouted "Ang damot mo!"

Madamot. Selfish. Ah! So now we're the ones who are being selfish when, in fact, we are not even obliged to dip into our pockets and give him money? I don't think so, kid.

The very fact that that boy was hovering in the dark streets is proof that it's his parents who are being selfish to him. No offense. Exactly, why would he have to beg for alms on the road when it's his parents' responsibility to provide for his needs? You might say that it's because they are too poor to provide anything to their child so they just let their son ask for alms in the hope of getting something for himself. In other words, poverty is getting in the way. But in the first place, why did they ask for a child when they already know that they cannot fulfill their responsibilities to him?

Think about this. People say that having children is a blessing. Yes, it is indeed. But what if you do not have the ability to raise the child up properly? What would happen to his/her future? If you didn't manage to give the child a chance of having a bright tomorrow, is that still a blessing? If your child grows up without any knowledge about the world because you failed to send him/her to school, is that still a blessing? I really don't think so. In my opinion, having a child is a blessing only if you succeed in fulfilling all your responsibilities to him/her. In that way, not only you will be blessed, your child will also be blessed with a wonderful life made possible by you.