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Friday, Nov 17, 2006, 6:03 PM
We had a eucharistic celebration earlier today in school. Our year level sponsored the said mass. As expected, we were given assigned tasks in preparation for the mass beforehand.

I was given the task to deliver the introduction. I readily agreed because it was only composed of two paragraphs. So maybe then it would be an easy and effortless part. Well, I was wrong at saying that.

According to Sr. Belinda, to add some creativity to it, I would have to memorize everything and recite it right in front with no copy at all, inclusive of facial expressions.

Anyway, I didn't mess it up as much as I expected to do so. Oh well...

Another story. As I was chatting with my friend Erica this morning, she mentioned to me that she was having a hard time in singing because she ate 3 scoops of freezing ice cream yesterday. Aha! Suddenly, I realized that I had the same reason why my throat was aching as well. But then, we had to force our voices to come out naturally because we were part of the group assigned to sing the second voice. It was difficult but it was definitely fun.