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This and That II
Thursday, Dec 14, 2006, 7:46 PM
We had our 40th Foundation Day opening mass this morning. Once again, I was asked by Sr. Belinda to deliver the introduction from memory while standing at the center of the stage.

Before the mass started, thoughts kept swirling inside my head of what might happen by the time I open my mouth and start to deliver the message to the audience. I was less than complacent to do so since I had only memorized the six-paragraph introduction the night before. Having nothing else to do but to fret, I just pulled a chair and tried to divert my attention. From where I sat, I saw the food booths set up in the cafeteria. Thoughts about what to eat on recess time came rushing into my mind flooding all my worries and nervousness. Figures of French fries, muffins, floats, and cotton candy started to pour out into the picture. I was absolutely humored by the thought and was even starting to laugh a bit. But then, I was brought back to my senses when my attention was called to start the introduction having a small hint of helpful calmness in my mind.

I said a short prayer, walked up to the lectern, seized the microphone, and went to the front. I saw some familiar faces belonging to even more than familiar people, heard lots of beeping mobile phones, and met a thousand sets of eyes blinking at me. Despite of all these distractions, I managed to push through my subconscious to tap it and say, "What are you waiting for Psylocke? Start now!".

Fortunately, the pool of words did not escape from my brain wherein I have been keeping it since the last 10 hours. Thank goodness.