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Christmas Countdown

95 days before Christmas!
19 Hours
Sunday, Dec 17, 2006, 1:17 AM
December 16 doesn't seem like 'yesterday' at all, but rather a mere matter of hours ago since I stayed in school up to 12am of the 17th of December.

The big question here: WHY?

Well, we had our field demonstration last night. Each year level was assigned a certain ballroom dance to perform. Ours was cha-cha, a dance which, in our own opinion, was an absurd compilation of baby steps. Anyway, maybe we were just too bothered by our lack of preparation that's why we kept on hating our performance.

To be quite honest, a majority of us did not like our costumes very much. Both the male and female counterparts wore pink, which was monotonous. Moreover, the costumes of the female counterparts did not turn out exactly as planned but more like elves' clothes. No offense. Our actual performance was also another matter of dissatisfaction since some of the female counterparts refused to wear their high-heeled shoes during our practices. Aftermath was that these people had a difficult time dancing during the presentation itself, making it look a lot more awful. No offense again.

After all the levels' performances, Dulaang Salamisim presented an excerpt from the movie "Grease". As a part of it, I could say that having only two hours to create and practice the whole number, we did well enough. But those two hours taken from our last day of fair was a matter of complaint! Haha..just kidding.

At the end of the program, we bagged the Best in Visual Impact Award. Though only a single award, it still meant something for all of us.

The next part of the demo was the "Night of Ballroom Dancing". Everyone present was given the whole stage and court to dance the night away. Of course I didn't make myself one of those people.

Having nothing else better to do, I just proceeded to the waiting area to watch for my parents who are to fetch me. Unfortunately, they were coming from Dasmarinas Village. Makati plus holidays equals traffic, so I had to wait for several hours for them to finally arrive. By the way, thanks to Ate Erika for keeping me company!

At last I could lay back and ease off my exhaustion. Sigh.