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Animal -istic
Sunday, Feb 4, 2007, 3:15 PM
While we were having lunch outside earlier today, Phoenix tugged my arm and asked me to accompany her to a small pond nearby. We walked together to where she said it was located and quietly watched the fishes swim gleefully in the water. Beside me stood a man holding his baby and watching the fishes like us as well. He held a piece of tissue paper in his hand, which he used to wipe off the infant's saliva. After a few minutes, he left the pond together with his child. Just then, I looked down on the fish nearest to me and found it hungrily trying to eat a white object floating in front of it. It appeared soft and delicate to my eyes. Snap, I finally figured out what it was. Tissue paper.


What if humans and animals exchange places someday? Can you imagine yourself being treated in the same way as you do to them today?

Both are of God's creation. Moreover, animals also live a life of their own like we do. Whichever way you would choose to treat them is synonymous to how you want your kin to do unto you, too.