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Christmas Countdown

94 days before Christmas!
Cana Trigonometry
Wednesday, Dec 3, 2008, 11:59 PM
Creating a dozen right triangles
And half a dozen more terms in special angles
Negative and positive functions also matter
Arranging them in SOHCAHTOA order

Tragedy comes upon us when said by our mentor
"Remember to bring your scientific calculator"
I know what I'll be hearing later
"Get one whole sheet of bond paper"

Of course, another quiz to take
Numerous thetas without a break
On to bearings still obscure to me
Mangling and dangling my brain in complexity

Each tick-tock from the clock on the wall
Terminal angles are what I recall
Rant all you want about how nerve-wracking it is today
You'll someday be grateful we learned trigonometry this way

I made this poem for a project in Trigonometry.