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Thursday, Jul 1, 2010, 10:08 AM
If you look at the title of this page, it says "". However, the address bar reads "". Which one is which?

My blog was originally under the domain My friends know My school knows Google knows Given these, it was gravely disappointing for me to find out that my domain, which was set for optional renewal, was renewed by CTCD without my consent. Because of this, I would not be able to register under a different domain registrar anymore. It is currently being held hostage by CTCD!

Go to and you will find yourself at On top of the page, it says "This domain name has expired". It did not expire. It was sabotaged. It was used by CTCD as a lure into in order to gain undeserved profit. Now it looks as if was owned by some blogger who wasn't able to pay her domain registration fees when in fact, it was owned by Psylocke, who is one of the many CTCD clients complaining about where on earth their domains are.

CheaperThanCheapDomains, you should be ashamed.