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Banned Chinese Hackers
Saturday, May 5, 2012, 10:03 PM
Just got a report that some fellows from China tried to hack the website of Bluepoint (, an Open Source foundation that I volunteer for. The attempts were made fifteen minutes ago, but were immediately blocked and foiled by a security daemon. They were traced back to rather non-trivial organizations.

Whether the culprits originated from those organizations or just hacked into them to assume their identities, this incident reminds me of these:

"We come from China!Huangyan Island is Ours!" This was written in the homepage of the University of the Philippines.

“Warning. Philippines, China inviolable state sovereignty,” “We are come (sic) from China” “Huangyan Island, China,” This is from a recent defacing of the Philippine star website along with an image of Scarborough Shoal and the flag of China in the background.

Why are you doing these? In my opinion, even if the island were yours, the lack of ethics is an entirely different case.

I really hope that those in authority will be able to resolve this objectively and logically. Do measurements. Collect all of the decrees that both sides are using to support their own claim. Let the evidence speak for itself. This way, objections would clearly be for the sake of self-interest.

Diplomatic relations don't just grow on trees. Honorable people who have gone ahead of us worked for them. It would be beneficial for both sides if this issue were resolved in an educated manner.