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Ateneo Bomb Threat
Wednesday, Feb 12, 2014, 9:02 PM
These past few weeks, I have been spending some time walking around Ateneo, taking in the marvelous view of the campus in an attempt to fully commit it to my brain -- the vernal grass decorating the sidewalks, the chartreuse butterflies near Schmitt in the morning, the sunlight peeking through the branches of the trees in SOM forest at 7:20 AM, and the numerous brick roads that lead me from one class to the next. Aside from these bits of nature, the varying designs of the buildings look equally refreshing. But more refreshing than anything are the people with whom I spend my time in there. Ah, senioritis perhaps.

When I received the text message from ADMU regarding the bomb threat, I couldn't help but imagine what the campus would be like if one did blow up in there *knock on wood* and then it made me realize how much I have been taking it for granted during my four-year stay there. I'm glad it's not too late. And I hope that such a threat would not happen again.